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Levels of the Game

by John McPhee

I loved A Sense Of Where You Are so much that I picked up a few other McPhee books. This one follows the action of a single tennis match, and McPhee inserts biographical details along the way as the action plays out. It’s amazing how detailed McPhee is . . . I have watched less than 20 minutes of tennis in my entire life, but with his descriptions it is like being on the front row and not missing any action. The short biographies of Arthur Ashe and Clark Graebner are very detailed and offer a glimpse into sport, race, and politics through the action of a single tennis match.

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A Sense Of Where You Are

by John McPhee

One of the best books I’ve read on any subject. McPhee tells the story of Bill Bradley’s basketball career at Princeton and recounts what it took to get there. An inspirational tale about a young man who changed others around him, knew his highest calling wasn’t basketball, and did everything it took to be the best. There is really no excuse not to read this – its short, easy to read, and it will be one you share with others again and again.

A Sense Of Where You Are available on amazon

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