Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success

by Phil Jackson (2013)

Eleven Rings is part memoir and part coaching memoir, but its really a book about leadership. Regardless of what you think about the Bulls & Lakers, Phil Jackson was the leader of two of the most successful teams in sports. His management and ‘tribal’ approach to team building offer a lot of valuable lessons for anyone who leads groups of people. Jackson had to deal with massive egos, the most gifted players on the planet, and often stubborn management. His laid back approach is very different from most other basketball coaches, but great for the teams that he had. Kobe says that 90% of what he knows about leadership, he learned from watching Phil.

Its hard to put my finger on what made this book such an enjoyable read, but it is. You will learn about Phil’s life (raised by two Pentecostal ministers), his NBA career, his coaching career, and his thoughts on leadership. While the underlying principles that guide his methods are never completely clear, his methods work. Great book, and highly recommended if you lead any organization (or want to).

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