A Constellation of Vital Phenomena

by Anthony Marra (2013)

Kept hearing this one picked for book of the year, had to read it.This book is a hard one to describe, and almost impossible to compare to the other fiction books I have really liked. It’s a great story, a mystery, a history, and, above all else, life-affirming.

As I read, I kept being reminded of the movie Amelie. The author of this book gives both animate and inanimate objects a kind of omniscient history and future, giving the smallest details significance and life. If you like the movie Amelie at all, you will really like this book.

Rather than give away any plot details, I’ll just say that this is one I can recommend to just about anyone. It drags slightly in the middle, but by the end its worth it. If you want to read a book that celebrates life, shows children as the future, and is a just a good read – get this. Highly recommended.

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